iMac White Intel

The iMac Range

The Apple iMac “Core Duo” 2.0 20-Inch uses essentially the same all-in-one enclosure as the iMac G5/2.1 20-Inch (iSight) that it preceded it, and likewise, has the entire computer tucked discreetly behind the flat-panel display. However, the iMac “Core Duo” 2.0 20-Inch replaces the PowerPC G5 processor with an Intel “Core Duo” processor, which makes it a member of the the first desktop Mac series to be powered by Intel.

Released in late 2012, these models have a considerably smaller body depth and features edges that taper to just 5mm. The built-in DVD player has been removed. These are the latest design of iMacs currently. Supports USB 3.

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