I’m Leo Hicks, 18 years old. Alongside working for Re-Macs, I’m also studying at Leeds Conservatoire on the Popular Music Performance course (specialising in vocals) I love music, I have done since I was a kid. After being bought my first guitar by my grandad (also music mad!) aged 8 years old, I never looked back. Nowadays, I’m a vocalist and play acoustic guitar. I enjoy being on stage so I play many gigs and also release my own original music too. Aside from music, I love hiking, especially mountain hiking having completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks last year. I’m a big fan of football and an even bigger Leeds United supporter and also enjoy the occasional round of golf. I like F1 both to watch and to play (on the Xbox!) and anything to do with cars.

I love tinkering with things and it was from this that my journey in electronics repair began. When I was 14, I smashed my phone (an iPhone 6 Plus) and didn’t have the money to pay for it to be repaired, so I ordered a new screen and some tools and thought “how hard could it be?”. Turns out it was quite hard, but after watching many tutorials on how it should be installed, I got it back together and working again. From here I began practising on older phones to build my confidence and then began repairing friend's and family's phones. It wasn’t long after this that I became employed by Re-Macs and started learning how to translate my knowledge of phone repair over to MacBooks and iMacs. While working here I’ve learned a whole host of information on how Apple computers work and which components do what and after much training, this has led up to me being trusted to perform many repairs on our devices that will be sent out to customers like you!