At RE-MACS, quality and professionalism are always the priority during our refurbishment process.

All products are evaluated based on their physical condition, thoroughly tested and cleaned. If the product has a battery, it will be assessed and replaced with a new one if necessary. Our industry leading refurbishment process is carried out by certified technicians to ensure the highest standards are maintained. A bespoke test application is used to guarantee that important features such as video, audio, and Wi-fi are working correctly.

All our products are put through a rigorous and extensive testing process by our trained technicians to ensure that they are fully working and restored to factory settings. We test every aspect of our Macs so you can be confident that whether it be MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac or iMac, whatever you buy will work perfectly. Some of these tests inlude:

    • Testing keyboard and trackpad are functioning correctly
    • Stress testing the RAM and GPU through intensive graphics tests
    • Running tests on HDDs and SSDs to ensure they are working as good as new
    • Assessing the screen for defects

After our bespoke Mac testing is complete, one of our trained technicians will replace any faulty parts with high quality replacements. The product then receives a full re-test to ensure it is fully functional and ready for the next step.

The Mac then gets wiped of all data and a fresh installation of MacOS is installed, ready for a new user to set up from scratch.

If you need further information about the refurbishment process or any other aspect, you can reach out to RE-MACS customer support through the Live Chat feature or email -