Buying a new Mac is an expensive proposition.
Refurbished Apple products offer a more affordable option to enjoy the same user experience as a brand new Apple device. We offer a wide range of devices to suit different budgets and needs, from entry-level MacBook Air or iMac for students, to high-end MacBook Pro or iMac for professionals.

Eco-friendly reasons to buy refurbished electronics

Re-Macs is proud to be contributing to a "greener" society! By buying refurbished Macs, you actively contribute to saving our planet.
Re-Macs reduces the need to manufacture new Apple products by promoting the sale of end-of-life and refurbished products. These products are normally fully functional and with plenty of life left in them. Our need to have the newest and the latest technology is destroying our world at an alarming rate. Refurbished computers have the advantage of drastically lower prices than new Macs, which is the most apparent benefit of buying them.
One of the significant benefits you may not be aware of is that it is much more eco-friendly than you think. Reusable mineral and component parts that have already been created allow you to help the environment when you purchase refurbished technology. See how green, refurbished technology reduces your carbon footprint and protects the environment.

1. Refurbishing prevents the destruction of core minerals

Core minerals are needed to construct the machine's parts so new hardware can be made. Minerals such as cobalt, which is used in lithium batteries, are already in short supply. The supply of cobalt is estimated to last approximately 40 years from now.
The refurbished hardware does not require the new parts since it is reusing existing components. Therefore, no new core materials are required. Consequently, the supply pressure is reduced, and the components that have already been constructed will have a longer lifespan.

2. You create less waste

After 3-4 years, users typically upgrade to the latest models, with tech having a 3-4 year lifespan. In this way, perfectly functional and working Macs get discarded in landfills, endangering the environment in the process.
When hardware is made of toxic components, it can pollute soil and water when it's thrown out. When it's thrown in a landfill, it can have a detrimental impact on the environment.
In refurbished Macs, the hardware is thoroughly checked and updated to ensure they are as long-lasting as possible. By doing so, they work and are as new, which means you can enjoy them for several more years.
Did you know that you can save up to 135.5 lbs CO2 per Laptop when you buy Re-Macs refurbished Macs?

3. You will reduce your carbon footprint

New computers and technology are often not environmentally friendly since mining the core minerals themselves uses energy. To meet the demand for them, they are constantly mined, which emits many harmful substances.
Manufacturers all over the world produce parts for new computers. In other words, they must be transported from factory to factory around the world before they are assembled.
Several toxic gases and substances are released into the atmosphere and seas by the shipping and aviation industries. The environmental impact of shipping such a large amount of parts is enormous.
As used parts are reused and recycled in refurbished computers, there is a significant negative impact! By using refurbished IT, you are reducing your carbon footprint and being incredibly green.

4. The air is cleaner because fewer fumes are pumped into it

There are a lot of by-products in IT-hardware manufacturing that pollute the atmosphere and water. With the increasing demand for new tech, there is a continuous manufacturing process that causes environmental damage.
Refurbished Macs do not go through any manufacturing process; they are assembled by hand, This means the process is as green and carbon-efficient as possible.
How about that?